AUDITIONS for Adult Dinner Theater Production "Farce of Habit"

by Jones, Hope, Wooten

Play: "Of Farce of Habit" by Jones, Hope, Wooten
 July 29th at 10:00am at Studio B Performing Arts
                     Please be prepared to do a cold reading from the script in small groups
Age Range: Ages 18 and Up welcome
Rehearsals: August 8th - September 13th
                     Tuesday - Thursday from 7-9
                     Saturdays from 10-1
Performances: September 14, 15, 16, 22, 23



Wanelle Wilburn - Owner of the resort
D. Gene Wilburn - Wanelle's Husband
Maxie Wilburn Suggs - D. Gene's sister
Jock McNair - Famous radio personality in hiding
Jenna Sealy Wilburn - Wanelle and D. Gene's daughter-in-law
Ty Wilbun - Wanelle and D. Gene's son, Jenna's husband
Huddle Fisk - Guest who’s never taken a vacation
Sister Myrtle Agnes - Nun on retreat at the resort
Barbara Stratton - Jock McNair's estranged wife